When a group of engineers developed the first salt water chlorinator with Clearwater Technology in Australia over three decades ago, it soon became clear that this innovation would change the way people maintain their pools forever. Pool owners in the most demanding climates all over the world have relied on this clear water technology for more than 30 years and have made it what it is today, the world-wide leader in salt water chlorination.

Superior Design

Over the years, this system has perfected the technology and design of its chlorinators and is now proud to present the most advanced model yet – the Salt Water Chlorinator. This will exceeds pool owner’s expectations in terms of functionality, reliability and durability.

Why Choose Clearwater Technology?
  • Advanced Engineering

  • Quality Manufacturing

  • Pioneers of salt water Chlorination

  • Expert Technical Support

The Best Water Quality

Turn your pool water into a mild saline solution that feels beautifully soft and silky on your skin. When the ions in the salt are passed over specially coated plates and induced with a low voltage electrical charge they are converted into very precise amounts of pure chlorine. The best part is that the salt is at a much lower level than is found naturally in a human tear drop. As a result, your pool water will be silky smooth and very mild on your skin without you ever having to worry about manually adding chlorine to the water. The water is also more comfortable and easier on your skin and eyes.

“The Clear 03 Ozone Water Purifying System By Paramount”.

Ozone is the cleanest & strongest “non-chlorine” shock available with oxygen being its only by-product. Easily breaks down unwanted pool particulates that can irritate the eyes and skin when bonded to chlorine. Saves money by reducing the need for pool chemicals, and increases the life of pool filters and equipment. Ozone reverts back to oxygen after it’s done doing its job, leaving only a clean, clear, and healthy swimming environment.

Never buy chlorine again

With the Salt water you’ll save time and money and avoid the hazards of storing and transporting chemicals. 100% pure, trouble-free chlorine is produced naturally and automatically. In order to turn your pool water into a mild saline solution, you usually have to add salt to the water just once. Occasionally, a small maintenance dose may be required, but the salt ions don’t wear out or evaporate over time, they’re just used over and over again. Imagine enjoying a season of swimming pleasure without adding chlorine. In addition to chlorine, small amounts of ozone are also produced which further add to the sparkle and crystal clear freshness of your pool water. There is a model for every pool. Unlike other chlorinators that offer one model for all size pools, the Salt Water Chlorinator offers three models to insure proper chlorination and pool balance: The salt water chlorinator with Clearwater Technology will guarantee you improved water quality, thanks to an automatic chlorination system which gives you a natural looking swimming pool.

Salt Water Pool Disclaimer

We at Alderete Pools Inc. have been recommending and installing saltwater chlorinators for several years now. We certainly appreciated all the benefits that a saltwater generator has brought to the pool/spa industry. However: since then we have now had the benefit of time and the results of corrosion from the long term use of saltwater water generators. We have learned and detected the detrimental effects from saltwater on the local eco system, to also include landscape items, pool tile, coping, decking, and the corrosion of internal metal parts of the all the pool/spa equipment. So to eliminate these problems we have discovered an alternative system that we feel is much better than a saltwater generator and offers many more benefits with no detrimental effects on the local eco system or on your pool equipment. We are now recommending.